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To decide which type of frog/belt to purchase, you should hold your sword against

your leg and see where the hilt ends. If the hilt is uncomfortably high,

you may want to consider an angled frog instead of a vertical one.




The double-wrapped sword belt is a must for anyone who is going to wear a sword around all day. Designed to distribute the weight of your weapon across both hips for comfort. The two D rings provide movement when sitting or crouching. Can be plain or carved and tooled for the truly unique look.

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A variation on the above, this belt is designed to hold your sword at an angle. Click here to see a customization on this belt with a decorative silver-plated buckle and ornament.

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Carving and tooling adds to the look of your leather items. Shown is a hand tooled antique brown belt with matching sword frog.

For more examples, click here.



Our standard frog comes with two D rings that allow the sword a range of movement that comes in handy when you go to sit down.

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The angled frog is again a variation on the frog above. Designed to hold your sword at an angle and equipped with two D rings for easier movement. Great for that longer sword or shorter person.

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For those who dont want just a frog there are other options. The sword harness not just gives you a way to attach your sword to a belt but it also enhances the swords appearance.

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Based off of several historic references this custom made scabbard features a wood core, lined in shearling (sheeps skin with the wool still attached) and is covered in leather. The sword belt is weaved through the scabbard for a truly historic suspension system. The shearling is not only true to its historic counterparts but has two functions; to hold the blade snug so it can be turned up-side-down without falling out and to coat the blade with its natural oils helping to keep it rust free.

For more examples of scabbards we have made, click here.




This baldric features the same shearling lined, wood core and leather covering as the scabbard but uses the baldric style belts to carry it over your shoulder.

For more examples of scabbards we have made, click here.




This custom made sheath is lined with shearling and features belt loops that allow you to carry it horizontally along your back.



A leather wrapped shield becomes more than just a defence when you add your own logo or heraldic animal to it. Shown is a Viking style shield with interlocking serpents.

For other examples of shields, click here.



Need a way to carry your mug around and keep your hands free? Why not try one of our custom made tankard straps that easily attaches to your belt and can be made to match any of our belts/frogs.


Interested in ordering items on this page or having us build your "dream" armor?

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